Questions & Answers

In November of 2003 in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia, when Karten Rinpoche was giving explanations of Buddhadharma to some Chinese people, the following questions and answers were recorded.

Benefits of Bodhichitta


The Root Guru

Benefits and Precepts of Refuge

About Your Mother

Dedication Prayer
In the peaceful ocean of liberation, with a single taste,
Infinite waves of Dharma flow gently down.
Each drop of nectar of these words of eloquence
Fully cleanses defilements of the three poisons.

Through force of the amassed virtue created by this printing
May hundreds of thousand of doors of pure Dharma be opened!
May all beings of the five lineages gain control of the treasury
Of the jewels of ‘definite goodness’: liberation and enlightenment!

Translated into English in October, 2008 by Jampa Tharchin. Through this virtue may pure Buddhadharma flourish throughout all of space!