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Monday night Amitābha practice with Rinpoche!

posted Feb 25, 2012, 10:51 PM by Khenpo Karten   [ updated May 1, 2012, 2:08 PM by Pema Choephel ]
dear Dharma brother and sister of Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, 

We had a wonderful teaching with Rinpoche about the Four Noble Truths last night. More than 50 people joined us for this special evening. Welcome to all who have come for the first time to be with Rinpoche! The Four Noble Truths was the first of the historical Buddha's teachings and the basis for many other Buddhist lessons. If you are very new to Buddhism, or you have studied it for many years, it can affect your life in a very profound way. Below is the basic information about the Four Noble Truths, which Rinpoche explained in very good detail last night.
One of our Dharma members, Lynn Johnson, pointed out that we can get FREE PARKING near Wave St. Studios. Go to the Public City Garage at Foam and Prescott (maybe after 5 p.m.?) and show your local ID. This is good for all residents of Monterey County. Good news! No more meters! I haven't tried this but it was confirmed by another person last night. Thank you, Lynn.
We will meet for our regular Amitābha Practice this Monday night, Feb. 27, 6:30 p.m. at Wave St. Studios. 774 A Wave. St., Monterey. We would once again thank our gracious hosts at Wave St. Studios for hosting us for our Dharma practice. The studio looked amazing for the teaching last night, we feel so blessed to be able to meet in this magical space.
Our next Public Talk:
Happiness in a Troubled World
    Friday, March 30, 7-9 p.m., at Pacific Coast Church, 522 Central Ave., Pacific Grove, CA
    We asked how people found out about yesterday's teaching...newspaper ads, internet, friends? It turns out that most people came because their friends had told them about the event. Since we spent a lot of money on the newspaper ads, in the Monterey County Weekly and the Herald, we hope that for the next teaching, we can just tell our's cheaper and it works! So please spread the word, via direct contact, e-mail, Facebook, or? Pacific Coast Church, where we will have our next two teachings, has a lot of space...let's fill it up with all our friends who might benefit from Rinpoche's message. 

Here is information about the Four Noble Truths. You may want to spend some time contemplating this...whether you came to the teaching or not!
  • The First Noble Truth: 
Life is full of suffering. Dukkha usually is translated as suffering. In life, we have illness, poverty, disease, old age and death. We cannot keep what we like and cannot avoid what we do not like. If this is all we know we suffer.
  • The Second Noble Truth: 
There is a cause for suffering. The cause of suffering is desire and illusions that are the based on ignorance. Because of ignorance, wanting something leads to clumsy actions, which in turn lead to suffering. Wanting life, wanting death, wanting things, wanting pleasure - all lead to suffering.
  • The Third Noble Truth: 
There is a state of mind free from suffering. By stopping the cravings, the suffering is stopped.
  • The Fourth Noble Truth: 
           There is a way to end suffering. To end suffering we must end our cravings. 

This can be done through control of the mind, as well as other skills taught in Buddhism. Stay tuned for more information about these important skills with teachings from Khenpo Karten Rinpoche!

Heidi Feldman
Tashi Delek,