Simple Living

In the quiet and pastoral setting of Camp Wi Ri Ki in the Cascade mountains you will find the simplicity of being in nature while be within a spiritual community whose predominant cultural heritage will be Tibetan.

In order to benefit the most from our time with Khenpo Karten Rinpoche, the Amitabha practice, and the rural setting we request that you make a commitment to the dharma. Please turn off your cell phones for the duration of your stay. We also ask that you leave behind your laptops, iPods and other communication devices so that you can commit to your retreat wholeheartedly and reap the benefits of that commitment. May we all be bodhisattvas and think of the others.


Meals are vegetarian and Tibetan style. If you have special food needs, please bring what you need. You will have access to the kitchen after evening soup and tea.


Accommodations at the Camp Wa-Ri-Ki are simple and dormitory style with bunk beds. Men and women do not share accommodations, and camping is not available. Do not forget to bring your own sleeping bag.


Spring is a transitional time as the weather patterns shift from winter to summer. As a result, March and April are wet and cool, while May and June turn drier. Temperatures during May and June often take a roller coaster ride, ranging predominantly in the 60s and 70s, occasionally reaching the 90s for a day or two. Even though the number of rain days decrease in May and June, there are still many cloudy days.

Summer finally arrives in middle to late June, when the temperature is finally able the reach the 80s on a daily basis. Northwesterly winds bring cool air from the Pacific Ocean down along the Columbia River. Summer can be quite warm, with the temperatures frequently reaching the middle 90s, although these warm days do not last long before the cool marine air arrives with temperatures in the 70s. Temperatures above 100 degrees are rare.

Average Temperatures
Jan     Feb    Mar    Apr    May    Jun    Jul      Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov
39.6  43.6   47.3   51.0   57.1   63.5   68.2   68.7   63.3   54.5   46.1

Average Rainfall (inches)
Jan      Feb    Mar    Apr    May    Jun     Jul     Aug    Sep    Oct     Nov
5.35   3.85    3.56  2.39   2.06   1.48   0.63  1.09   1.75   2.67  5.34


In regards to the weather above one should be prepared to experience cool to cold nights and moderately warm
days. Layers of clothing are recommended. Bathing suits for the brave and adventurous.