Flexible Fees

The fee for the seven day retreat is $350.00 per adult. We have tried to present a reasonable price for the retreat. Our fee includes room and board, translator’s expenses, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses.

If you would like to attend for a limited numbers of days the fee is $50.00/day.

If you would like to come for a single day—with lunch included the fee is $25.00/per day.

Children under the age of ten (10) are $5.00 per day.

A family of five or more $60.00 for one day

The fee does not include any expenses of or donations to Khenpo Karten Rinpoche. In keeping with his vows and dharma he is depended on our compassion and generosity.

Financial Need

Anyone who is in financial need is asked to call Tsetan Wangchuk (503) 512-8216 or write him at: 21917 NE Couch St. Gresham, OR. 97030

Khenpo Karten Rinpoche wishes that no person be turned away because of financial need.

Work Retreatant

It is possible to pay for your retreat through work—helping in the kitchen, clean-up crew, or administrative staff.


Retreat Center fees are listed here.

All registrations require payment in full.

Please pay by check or money order in U.S. funds, drawn on a U.S. or Canadian bank. We cannot accept foreign cash or bank drafts.

Please pay the entire retreat cost on registering; this helps our operations.

You can make your check or money order payable to Manjushri Dharma Center and mail it to:

Manjushri Dharma Center
1052 Washington Street
Abington, MA 02351


If you need to cancel your Retreat Center registration, please contact us as soon as possible. Cancellation fees are: $50 if you cancel four or more weeks before a course begins; $100 after that.

All cancellation fees will be given to the South India fund.


Meal generosity

Additional offerings may be made towards the daily meals. Our request is for $50 for breakfast, $100 for lunch and $50.00 for dinner. Each offering will be provided space for a dedication at the meal they donated to: for example—“This meal is in memory of my mother—1929-2003”, or “This offering is made to our Dharma community at Camp WiRiKi”, etc.

Flower generosity

Additional offerings may be made for flowers on the altar, in Khenpo Karten’s room and at the dinner tables. $10.00 per offering.